Understanding Twitter: A Tell All Guide

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A number of weeks ago, a good friend turned me on to the social media phenomenon called Twitter. I have to say that I’m not a heavy user of social media and quite honestly don’t see the purpose. At least that’s what I thought prior to my experience. Three weeks later my thoughts and feeling have changed rather significantly.

Once I got online and started using Twitter, I better understood the fascination with this seemingly simple tool. It has its own vocabulary, functionality, and many features that you may not know about. Truthfully, the only way to truly understand Twitter is to read a how to guide, watch a video, or use a third party platform for managing Twitter related activities.

On a day-to-day basis, I’m involved with sales, marketing, account management and much more. Using Twitter gives me access to some of the leading authorities in my industry and others who have proficiency in the types of situations I deal with. Online social media tools allow me to connect with a variety of experts and others who have already solved some of my most difficult problems. Twitter provides direct access to many people that I otherwise would never communicate with. Celebrities, gurus, and industry experts are all available at the click of a button. And believe it or not, some, certainly not all, will actually respond to you when approached directly. Truthfully I don’t know whether or not its their mom, personal assistant, or some hourly worker who is replying to my questions, but more often than not, they are filled with words of wisdom.

As I explore my hobbies, I am finding others who are also learning about a particular topic or leisure area. They share great tips and information that save me tons of research. I’ve even built a small following of similar individuals and as a result can share what I know with them. Sometimes they respond directly and other times they pass on my tip or information to others. This is called re-tweeting and will probably be part of Websters dictionary at some point.

Twitter allows you to easily filter your network of followers and those you follow. In addition, you can filter the information you receive from others. The good news is that you can respond to individual posts or chose to do nothing. The communication path is in your control. Another great thing about posts from others is that they usually contain links to helpful information on the web. You can follow these links or ignore them. Either way you have access to information you may otherwise never have found.

The truth is that I was not an early adopter of social media for a number of reasons. Now that I’ve gotten some experience with Twitter and other social media tools, I better understand my initial reluctance to jump on board. I avoided social media because I simply didn’t understand it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I’d never be able to fully appreciate it until I actually used it. Now that I have, I clearly see the value.

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