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Twitter has taken over our lives and has become the trendy way to communicate and socialize. Reaching out to others is vital if you want to expand your network or reconnect with others. Gain more twitter followers fast by being active.

Many use networking sites as a great way for socializing. It is another form of communicating with loved ones. Many musicians and comedians also utilize networking sites to get their work seen and heard. Musicians and actors create fan pages to spread awareness and increase their visibility. If nothing else, it is fun to share information with those you know and keep tabs on those who are distant.

Be sure to always check the recommended friends page on your account. This is a fantastic tool to find people that you share many friends with. Often times you may not be aware of some of your friends having accounts. This is a great tool to see anyone you might be missing out on.

There are things you can do outside of twitter to add friends. When meeting new people, many use business cards to make important connections. Try using your account link in your business cards. Many who promote their work will do this to develop their fan base and have more visitors in their links. If you do this, you will be surprised to see how many more followers you will gain.

A cool feature is the similar users section. Here you will find people whom you share several mutual friends. It is a great tool to find people you probably know but have not added. You should check regularly to see if anyone is worth sending a friend request. Even if you do not know a person, sharing mutual friends probably means you two have crossed paths at some point. So just add them as a way to introduce yourself and open up a conversation the next time you see them.

There are several things you can do to get twitter friends fast. Try being proactive in attracting new followers. Link your accounts in other social networking sites and your friends will always be aware of your activity.

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