The Easy Way To Increase Your Twitter Following

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The actual way Twitter works is that you follow people, and they follow you back, or vice versa. Unfortunately generally there are usually some strict limits applied. You can follow up to 2,000 individuals but after that we are reduced to following only 1.1 times the amount of people which are following you. So if we have 10,000 followers, you may track up to 11,000 people and no more. Right now there is also a daily cap of 500 which usually of courseprevents people building up large spam accounts

Your next issue is that a lot of persons who you shadow will not follow you back, so it’s essential to sporadically unfollow anybody who hasn’t followed you back, then you can begin adding followers once again.

So, to increase your following you will need to follow lots of individuals (up to 500 per day), then you will need to unfollow all those that fail to reciprocate (I would normally wait 7 days before unfollowing).

Using these basic rules your following will slowly, but surely, increase. This takes time and patience but as you get more followers the rate of increase will speed up.

Twitter is a superb way to build traffic and status for your blog or organization, and due to it’s high authority on Google it also provides a very strong backlink from your Twitter bio back to your web page. This alone is an important factor for tweeting. Also if you have not already, get signed up on

I hope the above helps and keep in mind that you really need to be patient to raise your twitter following. If you follow the above principles then over time you will be in a position to develop a significant following. There’s lots of e-books and advice out there, and different tools, but the above is pretty much all I have used to get my 85,000 plus followers (as of January 2011).

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How to Develop a Solid Brand on Twitter

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Twitter is turning inside a productive social medial resource that can be utilized to your benefit to acquire tons of exposure and develop a brand for the net company. The following report explains what you need to do to generate certain you happen to be building your brand on Twitter the right way. The data in this write-up will make it easier to get more visitors no matter whether you’ve a little web page optimized for the keyword “ronco six star knives review” or perhaps a large e-commerce shop catering to the “Arts & Crafts” niche.

Grow Your Follower List: Twitter’s popularity stems from its unique approach to communication which is also highly effective. You will have to build a large list of followers if you want more people to know who you are and recognize your brand. However, don’t make the serious mistake of giving someone money in return for 12,000 followers because quantity is not necessarily more effective than quality, which you should be focusing on. You’ll find it easier to position your brand in front of your audience once you start growing your list of targeted followers. Don’t expect to be able to build your list of followers up in one day because it can take quite some time. All it takes is providing amazing value to your prospects and you will find that your list will start growing on its own.

Allow People to Get to Know You: Twitter allows you to connect with your followers on a deeper level so you need to show people who you are by putting up a small intro. Besides this, you can also add a custom background to your profile. You will be able to build a better brand because all these factors will work together to help you show your uniqueness. Every single thing you do to make your personality stronger on Twitter leads to a better brand.

Get a Retweet Button: It is funny how many blog owners do not recognize how import retweet buttons are for building up your brand. Just by putting the retweet button on your blog post, you can get people to share your content all across Twitter. If some of your content gets retweeted to a high extent, then it will automatically gain you new followers. This will give you a position of a brand that is always being noticed. If you look around, you’ll see that almost every popular blog has a re-tweet button that makes it easy for the readers to share the content with others in their social space.

Always keep in mind that the things that you do on Twitter to help others in the community will be seen as positive and will make your brand solid. So, do things in the right manner.

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SEO Tips for Twitter

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There are rumors that Google is going to be using real time search results for “tweets”. Twitter is a sort of micro blogging, status update, information center. It can be used for your advantage or against you. Some “tweets” already can show up in Google search results so it is important to watch what is said if your a business on the social media marketing campaign.

I have read a few tips that I have compiled to share how to implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your posts and how it can benefit you to use twitter. I would have to say picking a good name (or handle) for your account is important. Try to get your businesses name. Or something every similar. This handle is what will be indexed into Google search results.

Make sure all the account information and the bio you have filled out has proper keywords and reflects your brand. Checking to see if there are other twitter names close to yours available are good to have for multiple (non-spamming) accounts. Having a variation of your name is not a bad idea. Your bio has 160 characters that you can add. Use them all. This is the most beneficial part of twitter than what you actually say.

Utilize your keywords! Write as much as possible, keyword related tweets. Use the ones that will best support and send out your message. Getting people to click link and/or “re-tweet” them is important. It might not make a huge difference now, but if and when Google implements the real time search indexing for tweets it will be huge. Always use as many keywords as possible whenever you can.

It is important to share your links, and information when it is asked. Do not ignore fellow tweeters. There are services that can make your links small to fit into your tweets so they can easily be passed on. SEO is important to add to your internet marketing plan. Use these tips to help benefit yourself.

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