Making Money Blogging- The Nontraditional Blogger

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There’s the traditional way to make money as a blogger and the super fast nontraditional way. You’ve probably heard about the traditional way. Start a blog about something you are passionate about. Write post daily. Then monetize it. So what exactly is this nontraditional way to make money blogging?

To start, blogging the nontraditional way is a group of ways. It’s not only one way.

*Create a niche blog on a topic that people are actively looking for information on and then use YouTube, social media sites, and or aggressive link building campaigns to drive traffic to it.

*Create a niche blog simply to promote a particular product (for example you could create a blog just to promote the iPhone). This is known as affiliate marketing.

*Keywords that have high PPC fees are prime targets for you to start a blog around. Once you are getting traffic you can either join Google’s Adsense program to place ads on your blog, join an affiliate network and place those ads on your site, or just charge businesses with related products and services to put advertisements on your site.

What are the key differences between traditional blogging and nontraditional blogging?

One key separator is the fact that traditional blogging is an ongoing process. Each day you post articles to your blog. You constantly work to get people to join your email mailing list. You are building a community and in the process become one of the who’s who online personalities. Your blog will get a constant stream of loyal visits coming back to it weekly or monthly.

At some point, a traditional blog could gain the reputation as an authority blog. An example would be Wikipedia but focusing on one thing like sports. One example is if you love basketball. You might start a blog about basketball. How to improve your vertical jump, shooting techniques, and basketball shoes. To add variety you might add a YouTube video on basketball shooting techniques.

When thinking about nontraditional blogging, think reoccurring income without much work. After you finish the front work to make the blog you don’t have to do anything other than check in on it once a month. You have a micro-niche topic. For instance whereas a traditional blogger might have a blog on the iPhone, your nontraditional blog might be just about iPhone tricks. With nontraditional blogs, you don’t tend to become as authoritative as nontraditional blogs.

So why choose nontraditional blogging over traditional blogging. One reason is because nontraditional blogs are faster to create, tend to make money faster, and you don’t have to write blog post every day like traditional bloggers do.

Aisha Moore is an affiliate marketer and nontraditional blogger. She shows people how to make money fast online using Google and Google Sniper 2.0. Visit her blog today for a Google Sniper 2 Review.