Twitter Is Your Source For Quality Leads

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Twitter is being talked about all over the world. In fact, the application has now been around for some time and each day new uses are found for this blog like tool. As a marketer, I’ve been wondering whether or not how it might be used to help my business.

As someone who didn’t want to use Twitter for quite some time, I finally dove in and learned what all of the excitement was about. Similar to other social networking sites like Flickr and Facebook and others, Twitter provides a forum for real time communication. It connects us all and brings us closer to others with similar interests.

One of the aspects of Twitter that is so vital to me is the ability to stay on top of information in my industry. With so many information sources out there, its impossible to consume it all. By following certain people in positions of influence within the industry I can quickly find out whats worth my time and what isn’t. More importantly, I can access information that’s been referred from others I trust versus simply trying to locate it on my own.

In addition to following people and the industry information they’re sharing, you can also find others who bring value to your day. Whether its connecting with someone who is funny or provides you with daily thought, your list of people to follow is completely in your control. This gives you a great deal of flexibility and also allows you to filter information that you want to receive.

Another benefit of Twitter is that of developing your own following. In addition to following other people, others can follow you. Over time, this allows you to build a large list of followers. You may be asking yourself what type of benefit this provides but for those of you who are marketing online, you know that its all about building a list. Twitter is the ultimate list of like minded individuals who value what you have to say, share, or promote.

After building a solid list that is comprised of followers that value what you have to say and offer by way of free information, consider how you can encourage them to move through your purchase process. One tip is to offer free information that they can register for or download from your site. You can use an auto responder to help move them through to the purchase of a product or service you or your company has to offer. This is one of many ways to benefit from Twitter.

Twitter can provide an ideal channel for building a list of prospective followers and adding value. Start with an understanding of your audience and provide valuable information that can help them succeed. Once you’ve build up a trust level, offer products or services that can help them solve a problem. This will improve your business and help your followers as well.

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Understanding Twitter: A Tell All Guide

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A number of weeks ago, a good friend turned me on to the social media phenomenon called Twitter. I have to say that I’m not a heavy user of social media and quite honestly don’t see the purpose. At least that’s what I thought prior to my experience. Three weeks later my thoughts and feeling have changed rather significantly.

Once I got online and started using Twitter, I better understood the fascination with this seemingly simple tool. It has its own vocabulary, functionality, and many features that you may not know about. Truthfully, the only way to truly understand Twitter is to read a how to guide, watch a video, or use a third party platform for managing Twitter related activities.

On a day-to-day basis, I’m involved with sales, marketing, account management and much more. Using Twitter gives me access to some of the leading authorities in my industry and others who have proficiency in the types of situations I deal with. Online social media tools allow me to connect with a variety of experts and others who have already solved some of my most difficult problems. Twitter provides direct access to many people that I otherwise would never communicate with. Celebrities, gurus, and industry experts are all available at the click of a button. And believe it or not, some, certainly not all, will actually respond to you when approached directly. Truthfully I don’t know whether or not its their mom, personal assistant, or some hourly worker who is replying to my questions, but more often than not, they are filled with words of wisdom.

As I explore my hobbies, I am finding others who are also learning about a particular topic or leisure area. They share great tips and information that save me tons of research. I’ve even built a small following of similar individuals and as a result can share what I know with them. Sometimes they respond directly and other times they pass on my tip or information to others. This is called re-tweeting and will probably be part of Websters dictionary at some point.

Twitter allows you to easily filter your network of followers and those you follow. In addition, you can filter the information you receive from others. The good news is that you can respond to individual posts or chose to do nothing. The communication path is in your control. Another great thing about posts from others is that they usually contain links to helpful information on the web. You can follow these links or ignore them. Either way you have access to information you may otherwise never have found.

The truth is that I was not an early adopter of social media for a number of reasons. Now that I’ve gotten some experience with Twitter and other social media tools, I better understand my initial reluctance to jump on board. I avoided social media because I simply didn’t understand it. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I’d never be able to fully appreciate it until I actually used it. Now that I have, I clearly see the value.

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How To Advertise On Twitter

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Online promotion is now the trend these days specifically for marketing items and business services. A lot of website owners are already leaning on this form of advertising since it generally gives free services and all you have to invest is your own time and energy. There are many ways in which you can do marketing and advertising with the aid of social media marketing. And of these one social media that is preferred among internet surfers is Twitter. Advertising on Twitter has become widely used by many because it lets you promote your web site or business for free with a huge prospect of visitors.

However when you plan to do marketing on Twitter, you can follow some of these guidelines to help you in getting started with twitter as a tool for marketing:
You need to have a unique strategy and mission in using twitter for marketing your business. Time marches on so quick that you won’t really noticed how much time you’ve used on the web if you don’t develop a time period on what you need to accomplish.
Make an effort to do a little connection with your fans and not simply advertise yourself and your company. Make your twitter updates engaging so that your readers would be keen on your company and on whatever you can offer. Over self-promotion would just frustrate your fans and might at some point lead to being “unfollowed”.

Never get too personal or unfavorable. Your friends can read all your twitter updates and Google indexes twitter updates and messages as well so that you shouldn’t tweet something that can harm your company’s strength.
Do tweet very seriously. Mentioned previously, anyone can read your twitter updates which means you better tweet only those details that makes sense and not simply “spur-of-the-moment” feelings. Fresh supporters may backread your twitter posts so you should mainly provide details that are valuable and can make viewers more interested on what you are offering.

Advertising on Twitter can possibly bring potential customers and clients if you are just careful with your methods. Coupled with willpower and hard work, this device is most likely all you have to boost your subscriber base.

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